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Suraj Kannan: skannan4 (at) jhmi (dot) edu

  • Position: MD/PhD Candidate, Biomedical Engineering

  • Favorite Paper: RNA Velocity of Single Cells (La Manno et al. Nature 2018)

  • Favorite Sports Teams: FC Barcelona, New England Patriots, Chennai Super Kings

  • Hobbies: Playing guitar, lifting, cooking, arguing, building card houses

Born in India and somehow also an Australian citizen, I spent most of grade school in Louisville, Kentucky. I graduated from the University of Louisville with degrees in Biochemistry and Mathematics, and worked with Dr. Kyung Hong to study cardiomyocyte proliferation. I subsequently worked with Dr. Kevin Kit Parker in the Disease Biophysics Group at Harvard University, optimizing patterning of engineered cardiac tissues. I entered the Medical Scientist Training Program at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 2014. After rotating for a summer with Dr. Sharon Gerecht, I joined the Kwon lab in 2016.

My projects are focused on better understanding regulation of cardiomyocyte maturation. I am particularly interested in how the in vivo milieu facilitates proper maturation, and how this process is disrupted in vitro. Outside of basic science, I am also interested in patient-centered care, and work with Dr. Zackary Berger on topics related to shared decision-making.

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